Life at Penn

Welcome to Penn Engineering!

While it’s certainly the most important reason you’ll come to Penn, there are plenty of things to do outside of your studies. Here are a few sites to help get you started and give you an idea of what life is like while you’re at Penn.

Student Life Information

Housing: Penn has limited on-campus housing for graduate students. Students also live off campus in the neighborhoods surrounding campus as well as all over Philadelphia. You can find their websites below:

  • On Campus Housing
  • Off Campus
    • Off-Campus Services assists students, faculty and staff at all stages of their off-campus living experience. The office provides information on housing options, landlords, roommates, leasing, tenant rights and responsibilities, utilities, insurance, safety and tenant feedback.

Campus and the City of Philadelphia: Penn provides helpful websites with information about campus life at Penn and Philadelphia. You can also get to know the city by downloading Engineering’s “Get-to-Know-Philly Guide.” A map of the Engineering campus is available here.

Additional links of interest:

New Student Resources

PennKey: Shortly after you accept the offer you will receive an email with your PennKey Setup Code and instructions for using it to setup your PennKey and Password. The PennKey is used to access all electronic/web based systems while you’re here. You’ll need your PennKey in order to access CampusExpress and the on campus housing system. If after a few weeks you have not received your PennKey Setup Code, please contact the PennKey office.

Campus Express: This is your one online stop for most student services at Penn. You can find a tutorial video here.

Franklin Building: The Franklin Building is the Campus Administration Center and houses several offices you may need on campus, including Student Registration and Financial Services Office.