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Our Signature Initiatives

Engineering Health

With the support of our Center for Precision Engineering for Health (CPE4H), Penn engineers are developing technologies that will fight future pandemics, cure incurable diseases and extend healthy life spans around the world.

Data Science

We’re expanding faculty hiring and research in data-driven scientific discovery and experimentation; the design and engineering of safe, explainable and trustable autonomous systems; and data science for neuro engineering and bio-inspired computing.

Energy + Sustainability

From new battery chemistries to carbon capture plans and pollution-neutralizing nanoparticles, our researchers are tackling the global sustainability crisis head-on.

Penn Today

Identifying a vulnerability in critical spacecraft networks

Penn Engineering’s Linh Thi Xuan Phan and a team of researchers have identified a critical security flaw in the networking approach used in aerospace and other safety-critical systems.

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