Tuition + Finances

Is financial aid, scholarships, fellowships or assistantships available?

You’ll receive full funding if you’re a doctoral student. A limited number of RA and TA positions are available to master’s students. You may also be able to find a part-time lab position through your academic department; please note that these opportunities are limited and not guaranteed. You can also explore scholarship opportunities, student employment or federal funding (if you’re a U.S. citizen or permanent resident).

Can I work on campus to help pay for tuition?

You’re welcome to apply for part-time jobs on campus, but there is no formal association between an on-campus job and tuition. You may qualify for a work-study position based on your financial aid application.

How much does a master’s program cost?

Graduate tuition at Penn Engineering is charged per course unit, not per semester or year. In other words, how much you pay per term depends on the number of courses you take. Find more information on the School of Engineering and Applied Science costs here