After You Apply

Can I update my application materials after I submit my application?

No. Once you have submitted your application, it is considered final. We understand that you may want to share updated grades or achievements, but all applications are evaluated on the basis of the materials submitted at the time of submission.

I was rejected. Can you tell me why I was rejected, and can I reapply?

We do not discuss application results with prospective students. You cannot apply to the same program for the same term if you have already received a decision, but you can apply for a later term.

If you have been rejected from a Ph.D. program and want to be considered for a master’s program, you may submit a separate application prior to the deadline. Please note that admission to the master’s program is not guaranteed.

I have been admitted. Can I defer my admission?

Yes, you can defer for up to two semesters at a time for a total of four semesters. To request a deferral, first accept the offer of admission and (if you are a master’s candidate) pay the tuition deposit. You’ll receive a confirmation email that includes a link to a survey. Complete the survey, including the specific reason for the deferral and the term that you plan to start your graduate program. 

Your request must be approved by the program that offered you admission. Please allow up to one week for your deferral request to be reviewed.

How will I receive a decision?

You will be notified by email that a decision is available to be viewed online. You will need to log into your application to view the actual decision, and you won’t receive a letter by mail.

When will my application be reviewed? When will I receive a decision?

That depends which program you’re applying for. Ph.D. decisions are released on a rolling basis; you’ll receive an email notification when your decision is available. For master’s programs, see How to Apply for decision dates.