Campus + Student Life

Will I get help in finding an internship or a full-time job?

Our Career Services team offers a wealth of career resources, including on-campus recruiting and one-on-one advising related to career planning, job hunting, interviews and more. 

Is the campus safe?

Yes. The University of Pennsylvania has its very own campus police force, and the Philadelphia Police also patrol in and around campus. Shuttles and other services are available to make sure you’re safe as you travel around campus at night. See our Public Safety website for more.

As a graduate student, can I participate in student organizations and activities?

Yes! Penn Engineering has several student organizations designed specifically for graduate students, and so does the University at large. In addition, the Graduate Student Center is a terrific resource for the entire Graduate Student population at Penn.

Where do Penn Engineering graduate students live?

Penn has a limited amount of on-campus housing for graduate students. If you choose to live off campus, Penn Off Campus Services can help you find the right place.