External Submatriculation Program (4+1)

Please note, we hope to have the Fall 2020 application available at the beginning of October.

The 4+1 External Submatriculation Program enables qualified undergraduates outside of the University of Pennsylvania to begin a master’s degree program at Penn Engineering while still completing their undergraduate degree at their respective institution. Only students at institutions with which Penn Engineering has a signed agreement for the 4+1 may apply. Currently these include: Bryn Mawr College and Haverford College.

To find out more about our master’s programs, entry requirements, and/or graduation requirements, go to the list of programs. There, you can also find contact information of persons in each of the programs who can help answer your questions regarding the respective degrees. (Please note that the Integrated Product Design master’s programs are not included in the 4+1. Those who are interested in these programs must apply through the normal application process for Penn Engineering master’s programs.) A list of the master’s program Graduate Coordinators names and contact emails can be found here.

Upon approval by the respective graduate faculty at Penn Engineering and your respective undergraduate college, a student admitted to the 4+1 may take and use up to three graduate courses at Penn for both undergraduate and graduate credit. (Biotechnology master’s students may count up to four.)

Minimum Requirements for Application:

To apply, you must have the necessary background and major to enter into the desired master’s degree program, which may be found on the website of each respective master’s program. A full listing of the Penn Engineering master’s programs is here. A minimum cumulative GPA of 3.0, as well as a minimum 3.0 GPA in all math, science, and engineering courses, or “STEM GPA” (the equivalent of the “Major” GPA in Penn Engineering Undergraduate programs), are required to apply. In addition, students should apply no later than the end of the summer of their junior year. Admission decisions are made on a selective basis.


The GRE is not required for 4+1 applicants. However, you are strongly encouraged to take the GRE, especially if you have interests in pursuing a Ph.D. later. If you have taken the GRE at the time of your application, please include the scores on your application and have ETS send them to us, using code #2888.

Completing the Undergraduate Degree

You are required to graduate and receive your bachelor’s degree from your home institution at the end of your fourth year. If this is not achieved, you will be dropped from the master’s degree program at Penn Engineering.

Taking UNDERGRADUATE courses at Penn prior to submatriculating

For Haverford College and Bryn Mawr College students, as part of the “Quaker Consortium” agreement, you may take undergraduate course(s) at Penn that are needed to meet background and prerequisite course work. (Note that through the “Quaker Consortium,” no tuition and fees are charged by Penn.) Please meet with the designated “Quaker Consortium” adviser on your campus for further guidance.

Taking GRADUATE courses at Penn as a submatriculated student

Students may only take three graduate courses to count towards both the Penn master’s degree AND the Bryn Mawr bachelor’s degree (double count). Biotechnology master’s students may take four graduate courses. These courses are subject to approval by the Graduate Chair/Advisor. These courses may not be taken prior to sub-matriculating into Penn Engineering.

Full-time residency at Penn in the fifth year

In the fifth and final year of the 4+1, students will be enrolled as full-time master’s students in Penn Engineering, having fully completed their undergraduate degree at the home institution. During this year, you will complete the remainder of the courses required by your specific master’s degree program. The total number of courses for an engineering master’s is ten courses; consequently, you must complete at least seven additional courses. You will be financially responsible for all tuition and fees in the fifth year. Penn Engineering master’s tuition and fees are charged by the course.

When to Apply

Applications are available September 15 to February 1, prior to the Fall Term you would like to begin.

Application Procedure

Step 1: Meet with your current institution’s 4+1 Adviser or designee. (Please note that you must be approved by your Adviser/designee before submitting your application.)

Step 2: Complete the application, selecting the submatriculation option and indicating your institution. The application is here. This includes:

  • Your Letter of Recommendation in the application should be from your college’s designated 4+1 Adviser.
  • A current resume/CV.
  • Unofficial current transcript

Step 3: Please note that Biotechnology, Electrical Engineering and Systems Engineering have additional requirements, all of which should be completed when submitting your application:

Step 4: If you receive notification of acceptance, we will require you to either email an official copy of your transcript to admissions1@seas.upenn.edu or admissions2@seas.upenn.edu, or mail a sealed, official copy of your transcript to our office to the below address:

Graduate Admissions
School of Engineering & Applied Science
University of Pennsylvania, 109 Towne Building
220 S. 33rd Street
Philadelphia, PA 19104/6391
Attn: 4+1 Submatriculation