Get a head start on a world-class Penn Engineering graduate degree. 

Our accelerated program allows you to begin working toward your master’s degree while completing your bachelor’s. The steps you’ll take depend on where you’re enrolled as an undergraduate.

Penn Students

If you’re currently a Penn undergraduate, you may be eligible to get an early start on your master’s program by taking a graduate course or two each term along with your undergraduate courses.

Other U.S. Students

Our partnerships with several U.S. colleges and universities allow you to start earning a Penn master’s degree while completing your bachelor’s at your current institution.

How It Works

Study for four years at your undergraduate institution, then complete your master’s at Penn Engineering in just one additional year. You can begin earning credit toward your master’s degree by taking up to three graduate courses at Penn while enrolled in your undergraduate program. These three courses can be double counted toward the requirements of your undergraduate and graduate programs.


To apply, you must have the necessary background and major to enter into your desired master’s degree program (check our list of programs for details). You will also need: 

  • A minimum cumulative GPA of 3.0
  • A minimum 3.0 GPA in all math, science, and engineering courses (“STEM GPA”)

How to Apply

Step 1:

Meet with an Accelerated Master’s advisor at your current institution.

Before you submit the application, meet with an advisor to make sure you’re taking the right courses and meet the admission requirements. For contact information, see your school’s website: 

Step 2:

Complete the Penn Engineering master’s degree application

Select the Accelerated Master’s option and list your institution on the application. You will also need to submit the following supporting documents no later than February 1 of your junior year:

  • Unofficial transcript
  • A 1-2 page statement of purpose
  • Email contacts of two professional references (for example, a program director, advisor, instructor, internship/lab supervisor or PI)
  • Proposed Graduate Courses Form
  • A professional resume or CV if you’re applying to Computer Graphics and Game Technology (CGGT), Computer and Information Science (CIS), Computer and Information Technology (CIT) or Data Science (DATS)

International Students

The accelerated master’s for international students enables you to complete your final year of undergraduate studies at Penn Engineering and then enter a graduate program. 

You will apply to the program during your sophomore or junior year of undergraduate study at your home institution. If admitted, you will complete your fourth (and final) year of undergraduate study at Penn, taking up to three graduate courses. You’ll apply to a master’s program in engineering during the fall semester.

This program is for students attending the following universities: 

  • Shanghai Jiao Tong University
  • ShangHai Tech University 
  • Vin University 

Tuition is charged at your home institution’s tuition rate while you’re an undergraduate, and at the graduate rate once you enroll as a master’s student.
For more information, contact your program’s graduate coordinator.