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Dual Master’s Programs

Dual degree programs offer master’s students the opportunity to integrate training in engineering and computer science with other professional areas, preparing students to better meet the challenges of an increasingly complex society. Typically, dual degree students will take the degree requirements of both programs in a sequence that is worked out with their advisers in each program. Penn Engineering has the following specifically articulated programs:

Generally, candidates may apply simultaneously to one of the qualified Penn Engineering master’s programs and the other chosen program at Penn, in accordance with the provisions of the other program (or of the specifically articulated program mentioned above).
Applicants must satisfy admission requirements of both Penn Engineering and the other school. This includes submitting the appropriate standardized tests as required by each program, such as the GRE, GMAT, MCAT, or LSAT. Applicants should contact both schools’ admissions offices for more information as soon as possible, so that appropriate procedures are followed.

Dual Ph.D. Degree Programs

Dual degrees offer Ph.D. students the opportunity for cross-disciplinary studies with an integrative and inclusive curricula, in collaboration with the Schools of Medicine and Veterinary Medicine and the Dental School. These programs are offered in conjunction with the Bioengineering Ph.D.

Students must satisfy independent admissions requirements of both the School of Engineering and Applied Science and the other school involved. This means that the appropriate standardized tests, such as the GMAT or MCAT, a completed application form and fee, transcript, and recommendations, must be sent to both schools.

Master’s to PhD Bridge Program

The Master’s to PhD Bridge Program reflects the School’s commitment to identifying the most promising students, and training them to become dynamic, doctoral researchers in academia and industry. We value applicant’s diverse cultural and academic backgrounds, and recognize that such diversity is paramount to solving the unique societal challenges to which engineers are especially poised to develop solutions. As such, Bridge program participants will receive advanced laboratory training while enrolled as a full-time student in one of our Master’s programs. Additionally, Bridge students are able to complete the academic requirements of a Master’s and PhD program simultaneously, while receiving individualized mentorship to increase their ability to conduct research independently.

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Accelerated Master’s (4+1) Programs

The Accelerated Master’s 4+1 Program enables qualified undergraduates outside of the University of Pennsylvania to begin a master’s degree program at Penn Engineering while still completing their undergraduate degree at their respective institution. Currently these include Bryn Mawr College, Haverford College and LaSalle University.

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Certificate in Engineering Entrepreneurship

The foundation for high-tech entrepreneurial opportunity is a solid engineering education. To complement the core engineering disciplines Penn Engineering offers a Certificate in Engineering Entrepreneurship (EENT) for graduate students.

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Penn Boot Camps 

Penn Engineering and Penn LPS are proud to introduce Penn Boot Camps, a unique training opportunity for part-time and full-time study related to Coding, Cyber Security, Data or Fintech.   These online programs were developed in collaboration with Trilogy Education Services.  Upon completion of the program, participants earn a non-credit Certificate and career support services to promote career planning and advancement.  Learn how you can benefit from the training and network of an Ivy-league school at a pace that fits your life.

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