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  • Mechanical Engineering and Applied Mechanics

Mechanical Engineering and Applied Mechanics


The master’s in Mechanical Engineering and Applied Mechanics (MEAM) is innovative, unique, and nationally recognized for its excellence. We are at the forefront in preparing students for leadership careers by providing opportunities to work in emerging and interdisciplinary areas that are fueling exciting advances in technology. The program can be tailored and customized to meet individual needs under the guidance and approval of an academic advisor. Students may focus on: Design and Manufacturing; Heat Transfer, Fluid Mechanics and Energy; Mechanics of Materials; Mechatronic and Robotic Systems; or Micro and Nano Systems.

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Motivated students whose bachelor’s degree is not in mechanical engineering must have taken all of the following courses (or equivalent) in order to be eligible to apply:

Math 104 Calculus I, Math 114 Calculus II, Math 240 Calculus III, ENM 251 or MATH 241 Calculus IV, MEAM 110 (or PHYS 150) Intro to Mechanics

Successful applicants to our program typically also have had undergraduate coursework in all or most of the following areas: Thermodynamics, Solid Mechanics, Fluid Mechanics, Dynamics, Heat and Mass Transfer, Vibrations

In our graduate curriculum it is assumed that students have had all of the above coursework. Students who have not completed most of this coursework are unlikely to have the preparation needed to succeed in our program. Students with undergraduate majors in other Engineering disciplines or in Physics are most likely to be competitive applicants to our program.