Embedded Systems


The EMBS Master’s program will no longer be accepting applications, beginning for the Fall 2020 Academic Term. Potential applicants interested in EMBS should instead apply to related programs in Computer and Information Science (CIS), Data Science, Computer and Information Technology (CIT), Electrical Engineering, or Robotics.

The newly emerging discipline of embedded systems lies at the intersection of Computer Science and Electrical Engineering and this innovative and unique degree program is offered jointly by the departments of Computer and Information Science and Electrical and Systems Engineering and is integrated with the PRECISE Center for Research in Embedded Systems. The program is ideally suited for students with either computer science or electrical engineering academic backgrounds who wish to pursue industrial jobs in automotive, aerospace, defense, and consumer electronics, as well as for practicing engineers in the embedded systems industry who want to gain knowledge in state-of-the-art tools and theories.

The Master of Science in Engineering in Embedded Systems (EMBS) spans the core topics of embedded control, real-time operating systems, model-based design and verification, and implementation of embedded systems. Students are actively involved in large-scale CPS research opportunities with our world-renowned faculty. This innovative and unique degree program will train students in the fundamentals of embedded systems design and implementation.

The EMBS Master’s program is no longer accepting applications.

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Student Stories

Kavita Kamesh: Voices of Penn Engineering Master’s Alumni

This is a part of our series of articles, written by Penn Engineering alums about their experiences at Penn and how it shaped their lives. Our next article is written by Kavita Kamesh, who graduated with a master’s in Embedded Systems (EMBS) in 2013.

Paril Jain & Nischal Kota Nagendra Prasad (Penn Extreme “Embedded Systems” Engineer)

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Aman Sehgal – Penn Extreme “Embedded Systems” Engineer

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Tianyang Chen (Penn Extreme “Embedded Systems” Engineer)

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