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Admitted Students Welcome

Wednesday, May 15, 2024  •  
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Welcome to Penn Engineering’s Admitted Students Welcome event! This exclusive gathering is tailored to showcase the vibrant and innovative community awaiting our incoming students.

Join us for an exciting exploration of the endless possibilities that Penn Engineering offers. Meet esteemed faculty, engage with current students, and connect with fellow admitted scholars who share your passion for engineering and technology.

During this event, you’ll delve into the unique academic programs, cutting-edge research opportunities, and the supportive network that defines the Penn Engineering experience. Discover how our collaborative environment fosters groundbreaking innovation and empowers you to shape the future through engineering.

Through interactive sessions, Q&A’s, and insightful discussions, you’ll gain a firsthand understanding of why Penn Engineering stands at the forefront of technological advancement. Whether you’re drawn to robotics, bioengineering, computer science, or any other discipline within engineering, this event will provide you with a glimpse into the transformative journey that awaits you here.

Come be a part of our dynamic community and envision your future as a leader in engineering excellence at Penn!